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Enfield News
Who likes the new time change? I like getting up in the morning to daylight but the nights seem to never end! It’s dark when we get home, so you stay inside, fix supper, read the paper, and by 8:00 p.m. I’m ready for bed. I wake up 3 or 4 times a night and it is still dark. After a long, long time, morning finally comes. I’m ready for spring already!

When you went to school,  or maybe you are still in school, did you have a special teacher that you really liked and looked up to as a role model? Last Monday I got to see and talk to one of my favorite teachers when I was in high school, Mrs. Joann Corcoran. She was my clerical and business teacher when I attended high school in Enfield. She  was also the sponsor of the ECHO (year book), Hi-Lights (school paper of which I was the editor in my senior year), the cheerleaders and the commercial club.

I guess you could say she was my idol at that time. My favorite picture of her is in the 1962 ECHO year book where she is writing on the blackboard and explaining the bookkeeping lesson. I thought she was very attractive, and I always admired her clothes and her jewelry, and hoped someday to be successful like her.

I also learned many things from her classes that helped me along life’s way. I have always enjoyed bookkeeping, and I have worked forty years in that profession and I’m still at it!

I consider myself lucky to have had Mrs. Corcoran for my teacher and friend. I enjoyed visiting with her. She still looks great, and I’m glad she is still able to be out and about. Thanks, Mrs. Corcoran, for all the” assets” you brought to my life!

Ashland Christian Church News
Blessings were abundant at church on Sunday. It was Pastor Appreciation Day and also our Thanksgiving Dinner. Charlie Cartmill led our song service with help from our organist, Lisa Carter, and our pianist, Betty Hunsinger.

Donnie and Lois Duckworth read poems in honor of Pastor Braden and wife, Susie Willis, for Pastor Appreciation Day, with a token of appreciation presented to them. Charlie and Lisa sang “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” for the morning special. Pastor Braden brought the morning sermon entitled “The Last Prophet of the Old Testament” After church, a bountiful Thanksgiving meal was enjoyed. 50+ enjoyed turkey, pork loin, dressing and all the trimmings.

Come worship at Ashland Christian Church on Sunday. You are always welcome.

Remembering our Past
From the 1962 Enfield year book: The school board members were Wilford Fromm, President, Sam Storey, Jr., Archie Taylor, Mike Etienne, Melvin York, John Abbey and Robert Phillips. Ernest Fechtig was the Superintendent and William D. Norris was the Principal.

Some of the 1962 seniors and their “famous” quotes were: Kay Wageneck, “Not much of a charming life, but someday I’ll be a great farmer’s wife”(her quote came true!); Robert Barger, “Like strength is felt from hope and from despair”; Paul Glover, “Think before you speak”; Glenna Kay Kirby, “The stone that is rolling can gather no moss”; and Larry York,“Do as I say, not as I do.”

The cheerleaders were Barbara Carter, Ruth Miller, Kay Kirby, Brenda Foley and Sharon Files.

Enfield Tidbits
The Downtown Trick or Treat Halloween party held on Friday, Nov. 1, was well attended. The Enfield Masonic Lodge, the Fire Department and the Garden Club served hot dogs, potato chips, and red kool-aid with gummy worms. Lots of candy was given away. Jim Bolin played scary music and eight vehicles were on hand for the trunk or treat. Several prizes were awarded and a good time was had by young and old alike!

Thanks to Gary Appel for my belated birthday poem. It was titled “Duckastrous,” and told of the many things, both good and bad, that happened throughout this past year.

John Simonson, my cousin from Maine, visited on Wednesday. John and Alice are retired now, but they ran a clothing store in Maine for 46 years. John grew up around McLeansboro, and he and I are all of the cousins left in our family. They are also visiting with some more relatives in Mt. Vernon, Ill. Donnie and I plan to meet them for dinner on Friday.

Jean Beth Palmiter has moved back to Kentucky to be near her children. She will be missed around Enfield, as she did a lot of things for our little village. Sue Brown and her mother, Rose Stewart, visited with relatives in Alton last week. They returned home on Wednesday.

Those helping Katie Walker, our granddaughter, celebrate her 17th birthday on Sunday were “Old” Phil and Betty Walker, Jim and Sarah Walker, Cloyd and Nancy Walker, Donnie and Lois Duckworth and Nolan Leu. Her parents, Phil and Paula Walker, prepared a noon meal of quail, chicken and all the trimmings, plus birthday cake and, per her request, blackberry cobbler. She received many nice gifts. I think she celebrated all week. Wouldn’t it be nice to be 17 again?

Please be in prayer for those who are sick this week. James Rockett is still in Evansville Hospital in ICU with blood clots in both legs. His grandson, Andy Willis, went to see his surgeon in St. Louis today. Carolyn Duckworth is back at Wabash Christian in Carmi. To all of the others who are sick, we send get well wishes your way!

Happy Birthday
November 22 Sue Brown
November 24 Marla Appel

That’s all for the news this week but on your birthday – Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Forget about the present, you didn’t get one!

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